We believe in liberty

We are a passionate and forward-thinking team. Our products have the longest active life and are distributed in over 40 countries.

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About our team


Hardware designer, programmer, infrastructure engineer, provider of lightning based hosting services


Ex-banker – Former Risk & Compliance Director. Opting out of the old system and into the new standard..


nodl builds tools and operates network infrastructure that let people reclaim ownership of their life’s narrative. Tools to empower and liberate.

We are building for a future where :

  • communications must be fast, reliable, secure, and private
  • people are free to conduct business as they see fit
  • censorship, monopolies, and regulatory capture have to be circumvented
  • long-time preference and the ability for anyone to plan for a good life must be reinstated

In the digital age, ownership of assets and the tools necessary to protect and use them is paramount.

We believe in infinite games, permanent games, where creating something meaningful is at the heart of being human. We design our products and services with this in mind. Our goal is to enable you to create value that you can share and pass on to your loved ones.

Along the way, we hope to foster change, by inspiring others to take matters into their own hands. We wish our customers, employees, and ourselves to be able to build meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

We exist so that our customers can write their own stories.


We are creating the infrastructure of the Bitcoin standard.

The individual car, the personal computer, the smartphone. All technological objects with a social value. You do not need to travel back too far in time to see these as novelties, reserved for a minority of geeks or wealthy individuals.

It is our utmost conviction, that in a near future, everyone on the planet will be running multiple bitcoin and lightning nodes, whether they know it or not.

Nodes will be integrated into your car, your phone, your smartwatch, and your water heater. Nodes will be in every household and every business.

They will come in all shapes and forms. Like the keys you have on your keychain, they will all serve different purposes. Nodes will be mobile, private, and geographically redundant, creating an entire host of un-censorable, unstoppable individuals and businesses.

There will be no pre-requisite to running a node. Only the will to leverage the capabilities they offer will distinguish the early adopters from the laggards.

The power of cryptography, miniaturized computers, and decentralized networks that nodes leverage will also re-shape how the world works. Individuals and businesses will be allowed to re-assess control over their lives. No matter where you are located, nodes will be available at the very edge of the network. By opting in, to a set of rules that can be individually verified and enforced, the balance of power will be tilted back in favor of the people.

We see a future where we can get back to being innocent till proven guilty. A future where uninvited third parties are a thing of the past, and where natural law trumps artificially built regulatory moots designed by lobbyists.

Running a node will mean something and running a nodl will give you superpowers.

People like us

People like us don’t follow blindly

People like us are in the majority, not the minority

People like us look to the future with hope, aspirations and humility

People like us stand up for themselves

People like us are happy to help or get help along the way

People like us believe in personal responsibility

People like us maintain that structures of authority are not self-justifying

People like us ask questions

People like us strive for ever more liberty

People like us believe morals are superior to laws

People like us don’t care much about the news

People like us believe in culture, not flags or borders

People like us hate monopolies

People like us believe in natural law

People like us know no masters

People like us laugh a lot

People like us care about their families and friends