Total control.
In a 40cm cube.

Don’t let third parties interfere with your business. Reclaim control of your data and payments.

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Build to last

Oldest running node provider on the market

All in the right place

Bitcoin, Lightning, all over Tor

Open Source

All nodl code is under MIT license

Keep it under control

Reclaim control.
Be the only one in charge.

Only you have access to your data.
Accept payments from whomever you want when you want it.

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days delay
commission fee
middle-man payment

Earn Bitcoin

Say goodbye to
bank commissions.

No more bank or third-party commissions. Payments are made to you directly. They are fast, irreversible and in your custody.

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Easily manage

Finally, all in the same

Don’t juggle your wallets anymore.
Simple installation in 5 minutes.

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Oh Yeah

It’s simple : nodl rocks

nodl builds customised infrastructure to meet your exact requirements.

Our nodl cloud infrastructure offers nodes of any size and general purpose servers deployed in our data centers, on our hardware.